Plot And Farm Maintenance Services

Plot And Farm Maintenance Services

Many a times we would have heard about land grabbing when the owners are away. If you are an NRI or someone staying away from your lands for a long time and unable to take care of your plots or farms, we are here to help you!
Konnect property management services handles all aspects of land monitoring and management and offers comprehensive plot and farm maintanance services by taking care of your plots or farms by creating boundaries and security and preventing illegal encroachments.
We also keep track of your investment and monitor your properties periodically so that your lifes investment is safe and secured at all times.Our customized plot monitoring and management services will assist you with regular monitoring and reporting of the status of your plots and farms from time to time so that you have complete peace of mind.
Apartment Maintenance


Our plot management services cover lands and farms monitoring of the properties you posses. We first identify your property and maintain it from land grabbers or misuse. We will also give you detailed reports over available amenities and the latest development around the neighbourhood of your property. Best Apartment Maintenance Services in Chennai

Secondly we ensure that your asset is safe and periodically make a visit to monitor it safely. We will also send you the photos and videos of your property to update you with the current status and guide you with procedures in case if it is being used by illegal occupants. On behalf of you, we shall take necessary actions to evict the illegal encroachments to make sure your land is on safe hands.

Then we will take precautions in building fencing or walls around your plots and farms to safeguard it for the future. We will check your revenue documents like patta, chitta, adangal to confirm the ownership of your land and we shall obtain you the encumbrance certificate on your special request.

We will also take care of the payment dues and payables to the government in terms of property tax, water tax and electricity bills without any lapse. We shall also pay the arrears to the tax and clear it legally with penalties if your land or plot has any previous holdings.