Joint Venture Development Services

Usually people who have invested in land have many options. First is to retain the land, keep it safe for some time and wait for a good capital. Another is to construct a house. The land owner has a lot of things to do for building a home like arranging finance, supervising the construction of the property, getting approvals from the authorities and much more.
This is where joint venture comes in! These days entering into a joint venture development agreement with the reputed builder is a wise choice. Konnect Realty offers joint venture development services in Chennai to offer unbeatable solutions by welcoming aspiring house owners and the investors to become our partners in the development projects.
We help in joint venture development between the landowner and the developer for the purpose of construction of buildings on a preferred land space of the owner. Joint venture of major developments with land owners makes decent profits that could be equally shared on agreement or contract basis.


The owner of the land does not have to get into the fundamentals of real estate or constructing the property, nor have they to give funds for the construction. At the same time, builders do not have to invest money for purchasing the land. By this way of collaboration we gain equated development profits at a low risk. We also help in supervising and coordinating throughout all the aspects of the project development right from construction, putting on the best developers, architects and property managers until the completion of the building construction. Konnect Realty consultants are looking for the best partners who are committed to sharing and collaborating throughout the project and create rewarding experiences to see an end product through professional joint venture development. Signing of a joint venture agreement has many specifications, and number of processes involved to have a trouble free home buying experience!
Service Charges 2% Commission Each From The Developer And Owner On Their Respective Share Of Super Built-Up Area
Have some project ideas? We are always delighted to talk about your dream projects! Give us a call; let’s have a cup of tea and discuss your ideas in building your dream home or commercial building under a clear mutual concern!